Community Based Child Protection Awareness Against Rape and All Forms of Child Abuse
Community Based Child Protection Awareness Against Corporal Punishment
World Human Rights Day Event
World Human Rights Day 10th Dec 2014
Discussion Groups Session on Child
Our Vision:
WOCSO envisions a safer, fairer, happier and healthier nation for women and children.
Background Information

Women and Child Support Organization is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. WOCSO was formed to address the many concerns and growing number of cases pertaining to the rights of children and women. It has been founded in 7th June, 2007 by a focused group of a voluntary, experience and professional youth in Somalia. The main office of the organization locates in Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia, having field offices in Middle Shabelle and Lower Shabelle in south central regions of Somalia.

WOCSO has had a significant experience of service delivery since 2007 in the areas of human rights, protection, education, health, water and sanitation, livelihood, agriculture, and shelter. 

We pride ourselves with the overwhelming support and acceptance we get from the community in program areas and all stakeholders. We are guided by the principles of accountability, collective responsibility, transparency, equity and social justice among others as evident in the profile.

Approach and Strategy
  • WOCSO seeks participation and involvement of both male and female in all phases of the program i.e. from need identification, planning, implementation to evaluation, in collaboration with direct involvement of local organizations and government agencies in guaranteeing long term sustainability.
  • WOCSO believes that singular, sectoral development activities alone will not lead to sustainable community development, thus WOCSO is a strong advocate of an integrated approach. Furthermore, recognizing that WOCSO shares project cost with local communities, organizations and government agencies in the form of cash or kind in creating ownership feeling and a sense of responsibility that adds in sustainability of the project

News & Events

WOCSO marks World Human Rights Day

Women and Child Support Organization (WOCSO) on Wednesday 10th December 2014, held an event to mark the World Human Rights Day for awareness creation session for half a day.

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Women and Child Support Organization (WOCSO) Welcomes to this New Website

The Chairman, Board of Directors, Management and staff of Women and Child Support Organization (WOCSO) wish to extend a warm welcome to all visitors to this website, the new site features a visually appealing design integrated into a user friendly interface making it easy for you to navigate the site.

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